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Moxon & Associates LLC is focused on Intellectual Property Law, which means we specialize in patent, trademark, copyright, licensing, and trade secret law for companies and individuals in the United States.  But, we also counsel companies worldwide which have interests in the United States or are thinking of doing business in the United States.

We are proud of the quality of our work, our superior customer service, and our state of the art tools which help secure our competitive rates.  The firm attorneys have worked for a wide range of individuals, small businesses, and large Fortune 100 and 500 corporations.

Our firm will guide you through the complicated process of obtaining, protecting, licensing, and enforcing your intellectual property and patent and trademark rights.  We assist clients in developing comprehensive intellectual property rights plans to protect, maintain, enhance, and leverage their competitive position in the marketplace.

We are at your service and invite you to consult with us.

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